Pabau Status Page

System Problem for users logging on Thursday 27th May 2021 10:30:00

We have noticed an unusual overload on the legacy serverside that it's affecting all users that are logging in to

The team have caught this and investigating it as we speak.

Any further updates will be posted here. We apologies for the inconvenience caused and our team is doing everything it can to resolve it.

The upgrades have finished, and it looks like Pabau has returned to full speed. In situations like this, we know sorry is not enough given the disruption caused, however we truly know the true impact that it is causing to you, our users, and send our unreserved apologies.

The latest fix to our servers has been delayed by our upstream provider, we are in contact with them regarding an updated ETA on our fix, however, we are very sorry to report that speeds/access is likely to remain extremely compromised until the fix has been fully applied.

We are in the final ten minutes of the deployment of the fix to our servers - we expect Pabau speeds to gradually return to normal over the coming 30 or so minutes.

If you would like us to move you to a dedicated pod environment - then please reach out here:-

Our teams now have identified another potential reason for the slowness, we are working with our upstream server provider to provision services to mitigate the slowness and will provide a further update within 30 minutes.

Unfortunately, the deployment of the new web servers did not have the desired impact. Our team is continuing to assess the root cause of the issue and are now deploying secondary fixes to try to bring back the performance.

If you have not already done so, please consider putting your company forward to be migrated to a dedicated server - the migrations will happen over the coming weeks

We are now deploying new 3 new web servers to alleviate the issues that we are experiencing, we expect this process to be completed shortly

Please sign up here - to be moved to a dedicated environment over the coming days -

For all clients who have been impacted by today's events, please feel free to complete the following form, and we will look to move you to a dedicated server over the coming days

We are implementing a fix into our live environment which we hope will stabilise the system performance. We will provide a further update in 15 minutes as to if this fix appears to be resolving the issues.